unnamed (5)This week’s cheese is from Veneto, Italy. Ubriaco del Piave literally translates- the Inebriated Piave. This delicious Piave has been in production in the Dolomites of Italy for hundreds of years as a way to preserve cheese. This special Piave is soaked in a wine must blend of Merlot, Cabernet, and Roboso to form a rough violet rind with remnants of grapes, seeds and leaves. Ubriaco is essentially an Italian cheddar but with Parmesan flavor nuances. The finish is sweet and fruity. This cheese is perfect on a plate accompanied by any of our delicious wines at So Gourmet. Come visit us this week for a lovely afternoon of cheese and wine on our Palafox Balcony or Main Street Terrace. Come by and pick up cheese for your up coming dinner party, and impress your guests with the best cheese available!